Accolades for Tuff-N-Lite's Hockey Protective Apparel

Posted by: vannoppen 3 years, 11 months ago
"As an NHL referee, I have been using Tuff-N-Lite hockey cut resistant skate socks as part of my uniform routine.  I am happy to endorse these socks as they are not only comfortable, but also wick moisture away and keep my feet dry and comfortable during workouts and games.  These socks are an added value to my safety on the ice as they protect my skin against injury and irritation.  As a professional hockey official, I trust these socks to minimize injury from the daily hazards of the game."

Justin St-Pierre  #12

"I deeply believe in the importance of what Tuff-N-Lite Hockey is striving to accomplish. In a dynamic sport in which players are prone to injuries, it is comforting to have equipment that will largely diminish the risk of serious skate cut injuries.  As a player who has suffered from two skate cuts,

requiring more than 15 stitches on my leg and my arm, I am sensitive to the need to protect my body and to encourage others to do so as well. When I was first introduced to Tuff-N-Lite Hockey, I was excited about the goal of the product but also curious to try it out and see if it was comfortable and effective.  After using Tuff-N-Lite Hockey, I can honestly say that it is a great product that is comfortable and gives me peace of mind, because of the important protection it provides me from dangerous skate cuts. The combination of the two is why I will continue to use and to protect myself with Tuff-N-Lite Hockey in the future." 


Caroline Ouellet
Three Time Gold Medal Olympian / Captain of Women's Olympic Hockey Team 2014


"I did some testing on your sample material you supplied. I first tested on a normal sharpening and the results were excellent. I then took the testing to the most extreme edges that some times make it to the ice. I used three different levels of contact, the first two would be what could take place in the game of hockey, the third was the extreme contact of velocity and impact. I was truly impressed as the result was above what I thought would take place. We will never eliminate all injuries in the game but I feel your product will protect the players who choose to wear it."

Bob Allen
Maximum Edge Founder
Skate Sharpening Expert

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