Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

With Tuff-N-Lite® Police Gear, you can have the cut-and-slash protection you need, without looking or feeling like you are wearing a chain mail suit. You don’t have to worry anymore about the loss of your protection due to weakening of the material by sunlight, water, perspiration, laundering, or disinfectants. Tuff-N-Lite®® is not an aramid fiber, like Kevlar® or Twaron®, so it’s not effected by any of these.

Whether you’re facing an angry criminal with a knife or a broken bottle in a bar fight, you will have the protection you need with Tuff-N-Lite®! Cut-and-slash protection will allow you to take control of a potentially dangerous situation while minimizing your risk of personal injury.

If you’re a motorcycle officer, take a look at the motorcycle link to see the outstanding cut, abrasive and laceration protection that Tuff-N-Lite® offers you.

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