A small, employee-owned company located in the heartland of America, LocTote Industrial Bag Co. uses Tuff-N-Lite® cut- and slash-resistant fabrics to make its Flak Sack, a very tough, theft-resistant drawstring backpack.

Tuff-N-Lite® is created by a unique, multi-patented process that combines natural and synthetic fibers for almost unimaginable strength. It can be made cut resistant, slash resistant, tear resistant, abrasion resistant, flame resistant and chemical resistant. We can even add Micro-Texpur™ microbial and antibacterial protection.

Tuff-N-Lite® has a core fiber that’s combined with strands of other fibers -- UHMWPE, glass and stainless steel -- to add characteristics like strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and softness. Our commitment to research and development in engineering high-performance materials -- combined with our manufacturing and technical expertise, quick turn-around and competitive pricing -- makes us the unquestioned leader in the specialty-materials industry.

All Tuff-N-Lite® products are created with Supreme Corporation’s innovative composite yarns at their state of the art manufacturing facility in Conover, North Carolina. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, Supreme Corporation is a leader in innovation in textile, yarn and protective apparel products. Located in Conover, NC, all Supreme’s products are engineered to the highest standards at its vertically integrated facility.

The LocTote products are just a few of many examples of the diversity found with Tuff-N-Lite® fabrics and yarns. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your unique uses of Tuff-N-Lite®.

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