ASTM Cut Test Significance and Use

The standard method used in the U.S to determine cut resistance is ASTM F1790 and the ISO 13997 (the international standard). Both of these use the CPP and TDM test method which consist of a straight blade that is slid along the length of a sample with three different weights. The sample is cut five times and the data is used to determine the required load needed to cut through a sample at a reference distance of 20 mm (0.8”). The higher the load (expressed in grams) one can apply on the blade without cutting through, the better the cut resistance of the fabric.

This test method assesses the cut resistance of a material when exposed to a cutting edge under specified loads. Data obtained from this test method can be used to compare the cut resistance of different materials. This test method only addresses that range of cutting hazards that are related to a cutting action across the surface of the material. It is not representative of any other cutting hazard to which the material may be subjected such as serrated edges, saw blades or motorized cutting tools. Nor is it representative of puncture, tear, or other modes of fabric failure.

The European Standard cut test method, the EN 388 is based on a totally different principle than the US standard method described above. The EN 388 uses a circular blade, under a fixed load that moves back and forth across the sample until cut-through is achieved. A cotton canvas fabric is used as the reference material. The cut resistance is a ratio of the number of cycles needed to cut through the test sample vs the reference material. EN 388 recommends using the ISO 13997 method for materials with very high cut resistance.

Tuff-N-Lite® adhere to the ASTM Standards (American Society for Testing and Materials) which are typically used in North America. In Europe, Nothern Africa and Australia, testing is normally done under the EN (European Committe for Standardization) or European Norm. It is misleading to advertise test data in North America using EN data as informatoin can be misunderstood as having a higher cut value.

The ASTM F1790 / ISO 13997 and the EN 388 cut levels are not interchangeable.

ASTM Standards

In September 2012, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) announced the new standard for PPE (personal protective equipment) to aid in the safe handling of Flat Glass.

They designated four critical areas and when any one of these areas is directly exposed to the sharp edges of glass it can significantly increase the chance of a serious or fatal injury. These areas are:

If a risk assessment has not completed, and you are unsure of the degree of protection needed, please contact us and one of our sales representatives can consult with determining the best protection your team needed.

Tuff-N-Lite® offers protection in all these critical areas as well as the non-critical areas such as the torso and chest area and are comfortable to wear all day. Tuff-N-Lite® adheres to the ASTM Standards which are typically used in North America and provides ASTM 1790 Cut Level 4 and/or 5 on our line of cut resistance PPE. We have a range of garments to select from, providing you the coverage and protection you need.

With Tuff-N-Lite® garments, you can feel comfortable, safe and protected.

Tuff-N-Lite® (Olefin, Polyester, Glass, Metallic, Spandex)
All Tuff-N-Lite® manufacturing and designs are covered by one or more claims of US Patents 5845476, 6467251 and US and Foreign patents pending.

All Tuff-N-LIte® garments can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury. Do not use with moving or serrated blades. Not puncture or stab resistant. Do not expose to high heat or open flames. No product can protect against all types of injuries. Use with extreme caution during all activities. For questions call 1-877-883-3654.

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