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Glass Manufacturing:

Tuff-N-Lite® Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was created with input from EH&S managers and glass workers across America. The request was to develop a fabric that was strong, highly cut and abrasion resistant yet as soft, flexible and comfortable to wear. The extreme heat and dirty conditions found in most glass manufacturing facilities made it a necessity that this new fabric be easily laundered for daily wear by the glass workers.

After receiving input from the leaders in the glass industry, we put our four decades of textile design and manufacturing experience to work and created Tuff-N-Lite® PPE. Tuff-N-Lite® yarn is created by a unique, multi-patented process that combines fibers for almost unimaginable strength. The engineered combinations of these specialty fibers create fabrics with exceptional properties including strength, abrasion resistance, breathability and softness. Tuff-N-Lite® is nearly three times more cut resistant than apparel made entirely of Kevlar®, Twaron®, Spectra® or Dyneema® and up to 15 times stronger than steel. In lab tests, Tuff-N-Lite® lasts over 3000 cycles on the Taber Abrasion test using 500 gram weight while aramids fail at 150 cycles. In real life testimonials, many of our customers report that Tuff-N-Lite® garments last up to 4 times longer than aramid garments before replacement is necessary.

We recognized early on that Tuff-N-Lite® PPE must be comfortable for the end user to make compliance for the EH&S managers a non-issue. Many existing users report that not only is Tuff-N-Lite® more cut resistant than old fashioned aramids, it is soft, flexible and as comfortable to wear as cotton.  The addition of Micro-Texpur® anti-microbial to Tuff-N-Lite® PPE greatly reduces bacteria which minimizes infections and body odor. Tuff-N-Lite® PPE is easily laundered in commercial or residential washing machines using cold water and tumble dried.

Our commitment to research and development into creative high performance materials, combined with our manufacturing and technical expertise, quick turn-around and competitive pricing makes us the undisputed leader in the specialty yarn, fabric, and PPE industries.

We look forward to providing you and your team members with the finest cut, slash and abrasion resistant PPE available. Please contact us today to discuss the safety challenges at your location and to discuss the safety solutions Tuff-N-Lite® PPE will provide.

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