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Long Bib Apron

The Long Bib Apron is an interlock apron with adjustable straps that fits across the torso to protect the body from harm or injury. The adjustable straps fit comfortably around the neck and back. The Long Bib Apron is light puncture resistant and is unaffected by water or perspiration as well as resists deterioration from strong acids and bases. This apron is used as a standard in the food processing industry and the glass industry but is also used in other industries including metal manufacturing, animal handling, recycling, handling barbwire or razor wire, and other applications. Tuff-N-Lite® PPE products are treated with Micro-Texpur® anti-microbial to dramatically reduce harmful microbe growth resulting in reduced odors, mold and mildew. Easily laundered in cold water and dried in low heat!


Bib Apron: 25"W x 36.5" L

ASTM 1790 Cut Level 

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