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Interlock Apron

Our popular split leg Interlock Apron, our strongest Tuff-N-Lite® material has straps behind the knee for ease of movement and to hold its position. This apron can withstand severe mechanical wear and abrasion. It is reinforced to protect the lower body and groin area from injury. The interlock apron is a high cut level 5 on the ASTM-1790 scale, this apron is constructed with one of the strongest knit materials known to man. Our standard Interlock Apron provides coverage up to 24" in width while our NEW MUAI437GRY provides extra coverage up to 27" in width. Tuff-N-Lite® PPE products are treated with Micro-Texpur® anti-microbial to dramatically reduce harmful microbe growth resulting in reduced odors, mold and mildew. Easily laundered in cold water and dried in low heat!

Warning: Not to be used by electricians or near open circults. This  garment contains stainless steel and may pose a shock hazard.

ASTM-1790 Cut Level

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