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Our Plain Eddy (product code: MUPE84ORA)  is the perfect neck protection for you and your team. The Plain Eddy hangs over the back of a construction hard hat to protect the neck from falling glasss or other sharp debris. Our Plain Eddy is knitted in orange fabric offering high visiblity. The strap fits standard hard hats but can be  djusted to fit most hats. Our Plain Eddy provides the same cut, slash and abrasion resistant you’ve come to expect from the Tuff-N-Lite® garments. The Plain Eddy works well in a number of industries, especially the construction, mining, foresty and glass manufactering. All Tuff-n-Lite® apparel is treated with Micro-Texpur® Antimicrobial to impede harmful bacterial growth, reduces odors, mold and mildew. Easily laundered in cold water and dried in low heat!

Our Reflective Eddy (Product code MURE84ORA)  offers the same protection as our Plain Eddy but has a reflective strip for extra visibility.

Our Lite Eddy (Product code MULE484ORA) provides the same protection as our other Eddys, but offers more breathability.


  • Ounce for ounce 15 times stronger than steel
  • Extreme cut, slash and abrasion resistance
  • Adjustable strap for hard hat
  • Can be washed and disinfected without harm
  • Virtually unaffected by UV rays over time
  • Up to 10X more abrasion resistant than carbon steel
  • One of the strongest materials known to man



ASTM 1790 Cut Level

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