A Revolution in Cooling!

Lite-N-Cool™ Shirt


Key Features:

  • 45% lighter than polyester for performance without the weight
  • Dries 4x to 6x faster and offers superior wicking than competing performance fabrics
  • Resists odors and fungus caused by sweat and bacteria with Micro-Texpur® antimicrobial treatment

Applications: Industrial Environments, Construction, Law Enforcement, Food Service, Sports

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Introducing the Lite-N-Cool™ Shirt, the ultimate, lightweight performance shirt.

With a weight that is 45% lighter than polyester, the Lite-N-Cool™ Shirt offers unmatched performance without the burden.

The advanced technology behind the Lite-N-Cool™ Shirt ensures that it dries 4x to 6x faster than competing performance fabrics, giving you the confidence to take on any challenge without feeling weighed down or damp. The superior wicking properties of this shirt mean that it pulls sweat away from your body, keeping you cool, comfortable, and ready for the task at hand.

The Lite-N-Cool™ Shirt is treated with Micro-Texpur® antimicrobial technology, which resists odors and fungus caused by sweat and bacteria. Focus on your performance without worrying about unwanted smells or infections.

Choose the Lite-N-Cool™ Shirt for a lightweight, quick-drying, and odor-resistant shirt that will keep you comfortable and focused on your performance.

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Lite-N-Cool™ Keeps You Cooler Longer.

In a controlled experiment, subjects wearing Lite-N-Cool™ fabric remained as much as 9 degrees cooler compared to those wearing competitors’ products during equal periods of exertion. This is a testament to Lite-N-Cool’s efficient moisture transportation and evaporation capability, which ensures skin remains drier and, therefore, cooler.

Experience Faster Drying with Lite-N-Cool™

Lite-N-Cool™ offers revolutionary cooling and comfort by maximizing moisture evaporation and transport. In a comparative experiment, Lite-N-Cool™ fabric demonstrated outstanding performance by drying nearly 4 to 6 times faster than other competing brands. This rapid-drying capability not only ensures your skin stays dry and comfortable but also means a cooler and more enjoyable experience for the wearer, redefining the standards of fabric cooling technology.

Lite-N-Cool™ Is The Standard in High-Effusivity Fabrics

Experience a leap in comfort with Lite-N-Cool™. Our fabric’s superior effusivity—the power to absorb and disperse heat—delivers a refreshingly cool sensation against your skin. This makes Lite-N-Cool™ the perfect choice for hot conditions and tasks requiring physical labor. Don’t just stay dry, stay cool and comfortable with Lite-N-Cool™.

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